Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Summer's Ease

With grad school completed and three weeks before school starts up again, I'm completing all those little niggly things one puts off until a lazier day.

This week I've gotten a physical and all the meds renewed for the next year. Some blood work still needs to be completed but I laid out my little miseries for the doctor and she offered up a fist-full of scripts and some heart-felt advice and I was done with the doctoring for the year. Got my new insurance corrected with Blue Cross / Blue Shield. The district switched from Humana this year and I opted for the most expensive policy offered -- but then Blue Cross gave me the wrong primary physician. However that is all straightened out now and if I need to go to the hospital this year, Blue Cross is going to pay through the nose. Ha! My teeth and I are still working through the dentist but by August 1st even that should all be completed.

Next week we are going to motor through Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia for a week while we visit Sister in D.C. and stay in her house on Chesapeake Bay (on the right). This will be virgin territory for me and I'm very excited to eat Maryland crab and see the Washington Monument.

In two weeks we will be celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary, but the trip East is breaking the bank, so we'll probably take in a twilight hour movie and have a pizza. That's our kind of celebration, anyway.

And then it's back to school. A week of workshops precedes the actual week of teacher meetings. I don't mind going back. I love my job and enjoy the people I work with. It's been really great having two months off each year to recharge and fire up the engines.

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Margaret said...

Only THREE weeks! Yikes. I like your anniversary celebration; it is low key yet fun. A marriage of 30 years speaks for itself. We're coming up on 25.