Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cleaning House

Getting ready to travel means we need to empty out the fridge. This morning I used up all the eggs and whipping cream to make a really decadent omelet for Hubby. Combined with a can of corned beef hash and a tin of cinnamon rolls, we feasted on enough food to last until dinnertime. Then we're using up the pork chops and macaroni and cheese. Must be a pork kind of day.

Hubby sang at a funeral on Thursday and it seems to have tired him out. Since the aneurysm he has not fared well in high heat and humidity and we're having both in K.C. right now. Thursday he spent the day watching TV after he performed at the morning funeral and he's doing the same today. This is not a usual occurrence for him and it worries me a bit.

I've worked through the stereo cabinet cleaning and sorting and nearly completed clearing and cleaning the antique library table in the living room. When I get the stereo cabinet by the door cleared off, half the living room will be cleaned.

I've update iCalendar on the Mac, using the yearly school calendar to add all the dates for the 2009-2010 school year. I enrolled in my fall grad class and ordered the text book from the Pitt State book store. A used text book is $89 -- that's just criminal. The course I'm taking is Partnership with Families and it meets on Thursday nights from 7 to 9 p.m. -- that's late for me and I may find it hard to cope on Friday's this fall.

Most of the laundry is done. At least one load of towels is left and then we'll wash whatever we wear before Wednesday when we leave for the East Coast. I've got the CD's all sorted and cased for the road trip. Mostly we're packing light for this trip: Capri pants and tees for me, shorts and sport shirts for Hubby, leashes and water packs for the boys. The AAA TripTik arrived along with all the guide books. The on-line research is completed. We may be going a couple of thousand miles in a week's time, but we have no plans to rush here and there. We'll drive until we're tired. We'll give a fast glance at D.C. and Baltimore. We'll visit with Sister for a brief spell. And when we're done looking and visiting, we're ease our way home.

Then it's back to the grind of school and grad classes. It's been a great summer, though -- relaxing, refreshing, and rejuvenating. And half the living room is actually clean.

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Margaret said...

Have a great trip! Will it be cooler where you're going? It's 85 here today which is a little hot for us. (perfect for me though) Our normal summer weather ranges from 70-80 with some days in the 80s and a few in the 90s. I'm glad that part of the living room is cleaned up--once I get started, it's hard for me to stop. And don't talk about summer being over; mine is only half-way done.