Saturday, June 20, 2009

Slowly on Saturday

Another paper is due on Tuesday for my grad school class. Three more chapters in the text book need to be read besides the three I only skimmed from last week. The stereo cabinet is still not completely redecorated. The bottom two shelves need arranging. A whole heap of wash has piled up both in the bedroom and in the basement.

My heart just isn't feeling industrious today. Last night was a long night of non-sleeping. I caught up on the news magazines and People while the boys snored softly curled next to Hubby. Eventually, when my legs could no longer stand the tingling, I got up and read on-line journals until my eyes were bleary. Then I tried again to sleep. Eventually around 4 a.m. I managed a couple of hours of dozing in and out. Consequently, I feel all fuzzy headed and disoriented today.

The weather isn't cooperating either. We have had a succession of days with temps hovering in the low 90's but the humidity has caused the heat index to read over 100 every day. My body feels like it's infested with mold and damp rot. This especially happens in my little car which has no air conditioning - and the 5 p.m. drive to class is like I've put in 40 minutes in a sauna. In the house we're blessedly cool and dry with a very powerful central AC system -- but anytime I venture outdoors, I'm miserable.

Somehow I seem to run through all the USA network NCIS reruns -- and now I have no TV to watch during my down time. I'd start a book - but I need to read that darned text book so I can't justify opening a new novel. The boys would love a walk in the park, but it's sooo hot outside. I don't want to clean, do the wash, or write a paper. I don't want to read a text book. I've already caught up on all the on-line journals and played my computer games until I'm bored with them.

Whine. Whine. Whine.

And that's the news for today from my world. I'll be better tomorrow (I hope).

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Margaret said...

There is nothing worse than being tired and uncomfortable. I don't blame you for feeling out of sorts!!