Sunday, June 14, 2009

Let there be -- MUSIC!

I am so excited! So very thrilled! There is once again music in my house.

The savage beast in me needs music, beautiful classical music, lyric tenors, sopranos who screech even, basses of the profundo variety, an alto here and there (Jesse Norman! yeah!) and a few "easy listening" CD's thrown in for variety -- a little Celine, a little Barbra and some Josh.

For the last four years the CD player has sat silent. Hubby got one I couldn't make play easily -- six slots and I'd push buttons and nothing would happened. I don't like complicated appliances. I want them to go automatically with little to no help on my part. After Hubby also hooked up the player so it would play in both the computer room and the living room and I had to decide between A & B buttons, I was truly lost. I had a CD player at the construction trailer so I used that as my outlet. At home I watched TV or played on the computer. Then I started teaching three years ago and going to grad school at night, so there was no time for music. If I wasn't working on classwork, I was studying, and if not that I was trying to keep up with the laundry and get some sleep (another story all together). Music was relegated to church activities. Then those, too, stopped.

Hubby had the aneurysm and music went clean out of our lives. He no longer sings. The man who always made music is silent. The CD player with all the speakers arranged around the house collected dust. Only at Christmas, when we were traveling on the road, did we drag out the CD's to play driving in Oklahoma (ever try to find a decent classical music station in Oklahoma?).

All through this spring I looked at the assorted CD's scattered all over our house, CD's that had been pulled from their cabinets, taken out of the their cases, stacked up here and there on various corners, just collecting dust and never being played. Like a good book that needs to be read, good music simply needs to be heard. I decided that my one of my summer chores would be to gather the CD's, put them in cases, resort them, and store them in all the respective CD holders (floor and table-top) around the living room (and in the garage).

All morning and afternoon today I worked on them. Hubby, having a summer cold, napped and peeked out at me every now and them while I sweated my way through hundreds (yes, hundreds) of CD's. I'm still not through, but I have all the Christmas CD's now in traveling cases for Houston (there are at least 150 of these). All the divas and tenors are back in their respective slots next to the CD player been turned on in over three years -- because when you pushed buttons nothing happened.

Finally, Hubby dragged out of bed and wandered into the living room. He pulled a wire here and then one there and determined the player wasn't plugged in -- the problem with finding where the plug was missing was difficult because of all the speakers hooked into the machinery. But 40 minutes of grappling on the floor with various chords, I suddenly heard music. Oh! Bliss! Seems one of the "dogs" had managed to unplug the machinery.

I still don't exactly know how to make the CD player work. When this set of six CD's is finished, I may not be able to change them - but then, I like what's playing. Kiri Te Kanawa (oh, my god! what a wonderful voice) is singing Berlin. Brightman will be thrilling Andrew Lloyd Webber (don't judge -- I like most of his stuff). Donny Osmond (okay, you may judge but he has a very nice voice and his adult stuff is really, really good) is singing Broadway. Il Divo is cued for my tenor needs -- if one tenor is good, four are fantastic. And, of course, Andre is in the mix. Who couldn't listen to all that again if I can't change out the CD's?

My entire being is relaxing just hearing the beautiful music wafting through my house. How I've missed it!

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Margaret said...

Why do electronics have to be so complicated? I have a stereo in the house that plays well but I don't use it as much as I should. I LOVE MUSIC!! I am crazy about classical too and love opera. Did you know I went to Faust this past winter? It was marvelous.