Saturday, September 29, 2007

Little Gus

We have taken so few pictures since Wolf died that poor little Gus is camera shy. Mr. Fritz is a natural ham and he poses perfectly but Gus seems intimidated by the camera. As soon as the digital clicks, signaling that the shutter will soon close, he puts his ears back and turns his head.

Wolf, before him, just wouldn't stay still for a picture. He was always moving. He couldn't understand why he should stay seated at a picture-taking distance from his mama and look at her while she took his photo. If I was a foot away from him that was just too far and he had to move into my lap immediately, camera be damned.

Fritz, as Milly before him, understands that he is beautiful and he sits perfectly, posing in all his glory for the camera.

Today, because I needed to do a page bio of myself -- and what good is a bio without a lot of pictures (much better than words), I took pictures of the boys. Here are some of the better ones.

Fritzy has the uncropped ears while Gus has the golden eyes. You can clearly see that Fritzy is a much bigger boy, also. Fritzy is nearly 10; Gussie just turned three.

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