Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Autumnal Joy

Just like the grand dame before him, Fritzy is experiencing the joys of autumn. When Papa takes him to the park he loves to rustle the leaves and chase the squirrels who are so busy hunting for acorns to store away that they at first ignore him, but most of all he loves to roll in the grass, soaking up the blissful warm rays of autumnal sun.

His snout burrows in the grass and we know that soon he will throw caution to the wind, flop over, toss his paws in the air, and wiggle his back in whatever stinky he has found in the grass. He never does this on overcast, cloudy days. He only flops in the bright sunlight -- possibly because the warmth has brought out the smells that are so appealing that he must wallow his whole body in them. Whatever the reason, he abandons himself to the joy of the moment while his humans look on longingly, wishing they, too, could toss off the cares of the world, tear off their clothing, and wiggle joyously in the autumn air.


snugpug said...

What a glorious post and beautiful picture of a wonderul boy.

milly said...

Ah -- Adi -- I'm a bad mama. Poor Gus has really never had his picture taken. This is Milly in the 1990's rolling for joy. Didn't you notice that this dog was missing the proper anatomical requirement? However, today I took some Gussie pictures and I'll be posting them. M.

snugpug said...

Whoops. I didn't look hard enough to notice the missing anatomical requirement. I'm a bad Schnauzer mum too. I apologise unreservedly to the Queen of Everything for mistaking her for a *boy*.