Thursday, June 29, 2006


Here it is in all its unvarnished ugliness: I got fired last Thursday.

Or what amounts to the same thing.

I've known it was coming for a very long time -- but when it smacks you in the face, the upset is just a real.

Mostly, not because I'll miss the job, but because I have to start all over again and get a new one and figure out how to fit in to a new environment.

And damn. I have to update the resume which I lost in the computer crash of 2004.

What management did was tell me that after July 14th they had no need of my services. Unless I wanted to work 16 hours a week for them until they could unload me for real. And they knew that wouldn't fly because I can't afford it so it was their way of weaseling out without actually firing me.

I'm investigating options -- heck, I never just vanish into the night unless the job is temporary. The job really had gotten ugly in the past 12 months, so I may have a small bone to hold over their heads.

It's probably a blessing in disguise but right now, at this moment in my upside down life, it just feels like another blow -- that I'm not going to be able to recover from. I will, of course, because it's what I do. I cope.

But I'm kind of in hiding right now, just figuring out how to manage to cope one more frigin' time . . . why can't it just be easy for awhile, eh?


M said...

I am so, so, so sorry to hear this!

I hope another, better door opens for you! Stay strong.

Bev Sykes said...

I sympathize with you. I was eased out after 12 years when new management took over and let me know that I didn't have the qualifications to do the job I'd been doing for 2 years and that I couldn't get them as quickly as they needed a properly qualified person (I didn't have a college degree). They made me feel so uncomfortable I quit, which meant I couldn't collect unemployment. Ultimately, it took them six months to fill my position and in the next 2 years, six different people were hired and quit the position, which gave me some small satisfaction--but not much.

Good luck to you. I know how painful this is, but hang in there.

Molly said...

I was fired once, and declared "medically unqualified" for my job once. In both cases the job had become so intolerable I don't know why I stayed, but still, it was devastating to be let go.
And in both cases I landed on my feet. The first time I made a complete career change that gave me financial security for the first time in my life; the second time I had a glorious summer off, after which I found job that was far more satisfying than the one I had left.
Like me, you're a survivor. I suspect this isn't a door closing, it's a door opening for you.