Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Yucky Post

Our surgeon presented me with lovely color photos of Hubby's gallbladder after the surgery on Tuesday.  I'm going to share -- but if you are a lot squeamish, look away.  If you are a bit plucky, you might want to see -- no scars, no blood, nothing like that.

So -- here goes (scroll down a bit -- so I don't scare off the faint-hearted just by accessing the page).

Here's the  location of a gallbladder -- you can see how small it is and so if not too distended can be removed laproscopically (stolen from the web):

 Now here's a healthy gallbladder; see how neatly it fits next to the liver:

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Finally, here's Hubby's gallbladder -- from 4 different views:

Supposedly you can see some of the stones he had -- I'm not sure if that black stuff in the center is a stone or not. 

Direct quote from the surgeon:  his gallbladder was real mess.

But now it's gone.

We did spend Tuesday night in the hospital but got released yesterday afternoon.

Of course, Wednesday morning the pink Lincoln stranded me at the park and I got the fun job of walking 2 miles home at 7 a.m. (I was out walking the dogs before going to the hospital).  But it was a minor nothing repair and once I got home and got the mechanic on the phone, things were remedied right away.  It's just that 2 miles at 7 a.m. kind of poll-axed me.

Today we are sleeping.  We got all the meds laid in yesterday and the food that sounded good to Hubby.  The chicken soup has been made, the potatoes are mashed and all I need do is stir up some gravy for them.  The Propel has chilled.  The melon is cut.

We are both so very, very tired that every hour or so we take a nap.  I finally managed a hot bath to soak my aching limbs -- and then I did the unthinkable -- I took one of Hubby's big-deal pain pills -- and went sound asleep for three hours in a row.

It will be a while before we are back "up to snuff" -- but we now have the time for it.  Yeah!  Retirement!

 If you email me, Google is being installed next Tuesday.  Not sure what that means for email addresses, etc.  I'll keep you all posted.  

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Donna said...

Wow. I guess you can be thankful that his surgery didn't end up lasting 8 hours and that he didn't spend 8 days in the hospital, like Cliff did last April. Longest 8 days of my life!