Friday, June 21, 2013


It's not been a lottery ticket win, certainly. 

After visiting the KC fine art appraiser, we came away with little information.  I guess our artists are just too minor to be noticed -- or not purveyors of "fine art."

The 100 year old oil on canvas of Pike's Peak is probably by the best know artist but even then, without cleaning the painting, it's not worth more than a couple of thousand dollars (surprising even at that figure). 

The other two artists are untraceable and unknown, at least to the middle-aged white appraiser we visited (and forked over $50 to). 

We came away with the information that we should do a lot more research on the pictures.  Yeah, well.  If I had been able to do the research, I'd not have paid the woman $50.

What do you think this might be worth?  Your guess will have to be as good as the appraiser's was. 


Margaret said...

I'm astounded by artwork that is worth a lot(huh?) and pieces I like that are pretty or interesting that aren't worth very much. I guess the worth truly is in the eye of the beholder!

Margaret said...

And much of the artwork in my house was done by my older daughter, so it's REALLY not worth much except to me. :)