Thursday, May 30, 2013

Food for the Soul

Last evening I met a friend from my Wyandotte High School days for dinner.  We ate at a local Mexican joint, The Salty Iguana, and consumed huge plates of chimichangas (mine was full of shrimp, hers with beef) along with the reguiste chips and salsa and a great chili con queso dip.  We topped the meal with fried ice cream and mini sopapillas with honey for dipping. The food was very good, but even better was the conversation.
Fried ice cream and sopapillas
Sarah and I taught in adjacent communities on the third floor of Wyandotte and both of us were special ed teachers.  She collabed in science and math but like me she was an English major with an interest in history.  I was only fortunate to work with her during my last year of teaching but I found a kindred spirit in terms of her love of teaching and her respect for the kids we served.  Much, much younger than me, I loved watching her energy, drive, and commitment as she built her rapport with the staff and students.

When I retired, we connected on Facebook and last August met for dinner, just to catch up with each other's lives.We have begun meeting monthly and our shared meals never run less than three hours so we have to pick restaurants where we can sit and chat well after the meal has finished.  We find we enjoy sharing family tales and swapping teaching stories and I love hearing about some of my students that she has been helping.  

Time spent with Sarah helps me remember my own career journeys and reminds me that I still have some wisdom that others find valuable.  She helps me retain a connection to today's world and makes my world a bit broader and interesting.  I'm proud to have such a lovely friend.  I'm continually impressed by this remarkable young woman.


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Margaret said...

Love that you have this wonderful relationship. I've also made friends with several young 30 somethings in my department. We've had coffee and dinner; it's fun, even though they are young enough to be my daughters. :)