Thursday, February 07, 2013

No More Spills

After my autumn fall in the tub, Hubby decided it was finally time to act.  This week he had the regular old water saving toilet removed and the elongated "comfort high" toilet installed in its place.  The problem was finding a toilet seat that would work and not leave spaces of porcelain exposed for either one's thighs or bottom.  After several tries we finally found one I could live with, though it still exposes a bit of porcelain on the inside, just not on the outside. 

I have to admit I've not yet adjusted to the fact that the toilet meets me way sooner than I'm expecting and I'm surprised by every single visit to the loo.  Yet when rising from the johnny, I find my knees are uttering words of thanks for the extra inches they no longer have to rise. 

For the tub, Hubby installed two safety handle bars.  One is perfect and it really does help in getting out of the tub.  The second one, though, he put too far down and it knocks against the back of my head when I sit upright.  I have to sit catty-whampus to not get a concussion and kind of slough down into a half prone position.  Of course, both bars are toggle bolted to the walls so changing the second one may present a problem.  We're still under discussion about it.

I guess as we add safety features to our home to accommodate our dottering conditions I must finally admit we have passed into old codger status.  At least, in the bathroom we're going to be safer and more comfortable. 


Margaret said...

I'm thankful to read that "hubby installed..." That tells me that he is doing lots BETTER!

Melissa Wiggins said...

Aw, Margaret -- I should have written he HAD installed. He can no longer work in the house. MGW

snugpug said...

You might want to consider walk-in baths. Basically, there's a water-tight door built into the side of the bath that opens so you can step in and out without having to climb over the side of the bath. But it'll require major work in that you need to remove the current bath and have a new one installed.

snugpug said...

Oh, the other old codger fixture that I had to instal in the bathroom last year before L could come home from the hospital (yes, depressing but necessary work) was grab bars on either side of the toilet. They fold back against the wall out of the way, and when pulled down, are best described as arm rests on either side of the loo, for you to grab on to and haul yourself up.