Monday, September 05, 2011

Happy Labor Day

We're having a quiet celebration here in the heartland. On Saturday we did the shopping -- a Walmart run for extra undies for Hubby to tide him over until I feel like washing, two new big waste baskets for the kitchen and the bedroom -- and lots of sundries for the bathroom. Then after a quick $100 visit to Sam's, we loaded up on barbeque from the local Jack Stack's, and headed home for unloading and then a long nap. Sunday we watched a lot of TV and had a fine dinner at Olive Garden, nice, tasty Italian can be a very welcome meal. I spent the afternoon making sure the kitchen was, if not spotless, at least a whole lot cleaned up from the last two weeks of Hubby's cooking.

This morning Hubby got served breakfast in bed -- sausage, ciabatta bread, scrambled eggs, banana and melon compote, and orange breakfast tea. He's got leftover meatloaf in the fridge for snacking. There's a small watermelon waiting to be sliced. The diet cherry Pepsi is cold. Finally there's an iced pumpkin spice loaf cake or a box of mint ice cream sandwiches for the sweet tooth (Hubby gets the ice cream, I'm the cake). I think another nap may be called for and a long read with the Kimble. Doggies are happy with the quietness and the naps while cuddled next to us on the bed. The weather is perfect and football games will be telecast. All in all, a lovely day.


Margaret said...

It sounds utterly wonderful. We have gorgeous weather here and I'll be mowing the lawn, reading on my tablet(I hope) and talking to my daughter in NYC.

Donna said...

You folks sure do eat well.

snugpug said...

Hey, don't the doggies get a little something too?
- Q&R