Tuesday, January 11, 2011

We're Off to See the Wizard

Okay -- not to see the wizard but to visit the new doctor and get even newer doctors. If everything goes well, Hubby will be settling into a new regime of meds but with a much healthier outlook for the future.
He's sleeping regular hours again. That's a big plus from the the past four weeks. His breathing when he's sleeping is much improved. He sounds almost normal. His daily schedule is already beginning to approach pre-illness activity levels.

All is good around here -- now if only the doctor will confirm our "unofficial" progress! If the heartbeat is in "acceptable" range, if the blood coagulation is approaching the proper levels of anti-coagulation, if the wheezing in the lower back has abated -- then I can finally go back to work, leaving Hubby to handle his own medical complications and the newly assigned doctors. I'll keep you posted.


Donna said...

I'll be watching for updates. Sometimes those blood thinners take awhile to get adjusted properly. Here's hoping!

Margaret said...

He sounds like he's doing way better! That's wonderful news. Keep us posted. Much love!