Friday, July 02, 2010

A Holiday Weekend

We are having as quiet a 4th of July as is possible when one lives in the "hood." Firecrackers go off at all hours of the day and night. People also find it entertaining to fire repeated rounds of gunshot. The boys are miserable. Gus especially has developed a fear of loud noises.
My advisor and college professor for the July round of grad school has sent out messages telling the class what to have completed before attending the first class on Tuesday, July 6th. Lots of reading. Even more writing. I spent this morning creating four different "small" essays: an introduction of yourself, and explanation of the style of collaboration used in your school, how are the new methods of technology affecting teachers and their collaboration, and what qualities does an educational leader need to posses and which of these do YOU have. Plus we have to have read over 150 pages before the first class begins. My weekend will be busy.
Hubby took back the Dell computer because he did not think that the read-write DVD drive worked properly (it didn't) but this was after I had almost completely finished setting it up. It took me a good week before I could even look at the replacement Dell he brought home -- a brand new one this time. Then, instead of messing around with downloads, I ordered through Pittsburg State the newest Office products and the newest software they recommended to go with them. They cut a pretty good deal when you are either a student or an educator. It took a couple of days before all the new soft ware arrived and I could face the installation process, but we are now running Windows 7 and Office 10 -- which should hold us for a couple of more years before we need to update again.
This weekend will be spent calming frightened dogs, reading dry education tomes, and proofing final drafts of the four essays. Nothing thrilling but certainly necessary stuff.


Margaret said...

You will be BUSY!! I'm stressed just reading about all the reading, writing,etc...I hate getting new computers, even though it's exciting and fun. Adjusting and getting it all set up--A BEAR! Hope the boys do OK with the loud noises. :( Our cats don't seem fazed by them.

Donna said...

Iris was getting so upset hearing firecrackers that I didn't feel a bit bad about boarding her so we could ride the motorcycle to Arkansas. And she acted happy to be back at the vet's!