Sunday, March 21, 2010

Eight Weeks

Tomorrow morning I resume getting up at 4:45 a.m. Spring break is over -- ending with 8 inches of snow on my front lawn . . . but the calendar says this is spring, actually, so the temp has risen to 42 degrees tonight and the snow on the streets has already turned to slush.

Two more weeks of March.

Four weeks of April.

Four weeks of May.

I hate early mornings.

My classes are full of difficult students.

The school district is in severe money troubles causing much anxiety for everyone and a very unsure future.

This is the first time since I restarted my teaching career that I'm dreading the coming morning.


Donna said...

You're a strong woman, you can do it. I know you're strong because you're a teacher.

Margaret said...

I have a lot longer than you, but spring break is the week after next. There will be BAD news coming about the budget and staffing in the next couple of weeks. I'm dreading it too.