Saturday, April 18, 2009

Long Time No See

Whoa! It's been a long time since I've check-in here. I miss writing . . . but lately I haven't had the energy to even jot down boring daily occurrences. Maybe I'm turning a corner, though, because in the last few days I've felt more energized and less totally exhausted. I've managed to clean up things that have been hovering over me for the last 12 months. It feels good to get the long-term things accomplished as well as the short term items I've been putting off.

I paid the bills this month. Last month I didn't -- except for the credit card statement. All the utilities were a month in arrears. I finally found out how to get the state teaching license for the state I work in now -- I hold a life-time license for the state I live in -- but I somehow could never manager to acquire the proper license for the neighboring state. And I've waited long enough so now the procedure is a slam-dunk. Three years ago when I started it was a horrible ordeal.

I got "sending" capability for my PC e-mail. Once we had the PC wiped clean I somehow lost the ability to send e-mail but Earthlink finally managed to hook me up. I cut out e-mail services I'd been paying for the last ten months that I never used -- granted it was only an extra $10 a month but after ten months that does add up to a hundred bucks.

My whole like hasn't been a bout of procrastination, though. My class at school is happily wading through Shakespeare -- and doing a damn fine job of it, too. I been good with the doggies -- changed Gus's diet so he would lose weight. We got him a full dental and poor boy lost a few more teeth. Mostly the laundry gets done in a timely manner. The PC has been completely restored -- except for the e-mail thing. Today I down loaded my favorite recipe program and even got the newest version. I had been using MasterCook 4.0 and today I got 9.0 which is quite a difference from what I had been using. I wallowed through Holy Week and Easter and we even cooked Easter dinner at home. I got the winter clothes put away -- mostly -- and the summer clothes out -- mostly. I got enrolled for grad school for summer and even had a talk with my advisor about how many courses I had left to take -- dear heavens! way too many.

There are still things that need doing - hair cuts, house cleaning, MAC instruction, and this blog to update. I'll get to it all eventually.

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Margaret said...

It's nice to see you back--and it sounds like you've been CRAZY busy!!