Saturday, February 21, 2009

Lovely Saturday

It's been a very nice day. A good day, even. No stresses and one important thing was accomplished.

We arose around 8 but I went back to bed until 9 a.m. Hubby left me my "little" car and I hopped over to my local Fantastic Sam's for a perm and cut, which I was badly in need of. My stylist was in but it was an hour wait for her, so in the meantime I shopped the grocery that's in the same shopping center. Some steak soup, a couple of cans of hash, and $52 later, I ambled back to Sam's and finally got my perm and cut. I feel so much better when the perm is new and the hair is off the ears.

Back home Hubby took us to the local Chinese buffet for a filling lunch and then I took him to the suburban metroplex to see "Taken" which he enjoyed very, very much. Conversation heard on the way out of the theater: "Well, he couldn't top Rambo, but that guy sure took out a lot of dudes." Translation: the men in the audience, including Hubby, LOVED the film. The hero gets the girl (his daughter) back home safe and sound and stays the hero and alive, so even I was moderately impressed.

Doggies have had three park jaunts so they, too, are quite happy. Basketball is now on the telly, we have snacking food in the fridge, and though we did no housework at all, we are feeling mellow and relaxed. A very nice Saturday, all in all.


(M)ary said...

a guy at work said the movie Taken hit home to the man's need to rescue and be a hero.

Milly said...

Well, Miss Mary -- it certainly did just that for my hubby. Of course, this is the man who will watch Walker, Texas Rangers on the Hallmark Channel every single night of the week. Which just goest to show how strongly I take my commitment to my marriage. MGW