Wednesday, August 20, 2008


  • I'm terribly busy but I'm finally getting well from the horrible aches and pains of the summer.
  • School started a week ago Monday but no students until last Friday. Instead we were in workshops and meetings and actually had one full day for room prep. Friday the freshmen were oriented; Monday school started for real.
  • I'm co-teaching with a social studies teacher second block (90 minutes) and teaching my own English class third block (110 minutes), as well my usual studies skill class during the last 45 minutes of the day. My English class is full of juniors and seniors and I adore them. My world history class has 33 sophomores in it -- and they even have a sense of humor and I adore them. My studies skill class is small and loving and I adore them. But it's hard, hard, hard physical labor and my body is very tired this week. Not sick tired, just worn out from all the activity tired.
  • My SPED caseload is the smallest it's ever been and I'm very grateful. Holding/writing up only 16 IEP meetings during the year feels so much more doable than having 21 - 25.
  • Luie is adjusting in his own funny way. He loves Gus with all his heart. Gus would like to send Luie back, I think.
  • Lu chews everything he can get his teeth on. Hubby's $500 glasses are being replaced because Luie got a hold of them and completely demolished the frames and pried out the lenses and tossed them around the house until they were thoroughly scratched. Then when Hubby was attempting to find out if the scanner was hooked up and was down on the floor, Luie jumped up on Hubby's body to see if any treats were on the desktop (they were and he could smell 'em). Of course, since he's nearly blind he didn't see the full and open bottle of orange soda on the desk and he knocked it over onto the CPU. Hubby was pulling wires as fast as he could as the sparks flew out of the back end of the CPU. Consequently we have been computer-less for three days. However, Hubby found a little shop in the middle of the city who worked magic and brought everything back to life. Luie's accidents are getting a tad expensive.
  • Luie also had his first vet visit and got a complete clean bill of health. All he needs now is an ophthalmologist to confirm the eye problems and a good grooming to make him look all pretty.
  • Meanwhile we continue to go to church, try to adjust to a new pastor, attend church workshops, and read church literature. Some days I think it's all great. Some days it's just too much effort.
  • My new school contract has arrived and been signed. I am happy. I picked up a couple of extra thousand by having arrived at the 15 hours beyond my master's mark.
  • Grad school starts next week. The good news is the class meets on-line. The bad news is there's a test every week over a huge $125 text book.

Updating may be slim for a while. But we'll be around.

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