Monday, April 21, 2008

The Eyes Have It

A couple of weeks ago I got a new pair of glasses. $635 worth of frames, blended biofocal lenses that also darken in the sun. No one but me noticed the change.

A year ago I also got new glasses -- highly stylish frames that reflected the newest in fashion for the eyes. I hated them after the initial 24 hour adjustment period. They wouldn't stay up on my face and when I got hot, I could barely keep them on because they would slide right down my nose. They weren't comfortable and wearing them in bed to watch TV was miserable. The lenses were too small and I felt restricted by them. They sat too close to my eyes and even with my minimal eye lashes, once I put on the Maybelline mascara, my lashes brushed the lenses.

So, when the year's wearing time was up, I went in and used my insurance to get new frames. I really didn't need much adjustment to the prescription but the doctor made a couple of minimal changes. This time I went back to the lenses I knew worked. Bigger, spring hinged so they conformed to my face, and nice long arms that hugged my ears.

When you have to wear glasses for all your waking hours they should be both attractive AND comfortable. I love my new glasses.

Yesterday's pair, now retired:

Today's pair, so comfortable:

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