Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Back to Work

We started back to school on Monday after two full weeks off during Christmas break. I thought it would feel good to get back into routine, but the reality was that mostly I felt tired. Monday night I found out why when I was hit by the onset of the 24 hour intestinal bug. Bah. Tuesday I took the day off to sleep through recuperation.

On Monday I finally wrapped up the play Macbeth with my seniors. Also I worked with my collab SPED students to finish up any benchmarks that could still be passed and counted toward an English grade. My study skills group de-Christmased by classroom and stored the decorations and tree. Tuesday was the last day of the first semester.

Today we had inservice workshops and then spent the afternoon assigning grades. The schedules of the students on my caseload had to be tweaked with the counselor, but we wrapped that up quickly and I held an IEP meeting for one of my MR students.

Looking at my own schedule for second semester, it feels like I should have an easy time of it. I'll be collaborating in World History, American History, and sophomore English while teaching my study skills class for the last 45 minutes of the day. The teachers I'll be working with are competent and nice to work with, unlike this past semester when I found myself taking over the senior English class. My para will be working in Algebra and biology, the two areas she prefers, and she, too, will have very good teachers to assist.

It seems hard to believe that a half a year has already passed. Now we look forward to primary elections, spring break, final exams, graduation -- and summer vacation. Oh, yeah -- and a course in grad school called Assessment in Special Education. That's the only thorn in what may prove to be a very nice winter /spring.

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