Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Doing Fine

Sweet Gussie had a hard day but came through with flying colors. Six teeth were removed -- most of them from the front from what we can tell. He's not exactly opening wide for the viewing of his little mouth. His canines however are in tact and his tongue does not hang out from his mouth because he has no teeth to stop it -- I actually worried about that before surgery.

The vet phoned around 11:00 a.m. and said that his pre-surgery blood work looked great so obviously he was beating the infection along with the help of the antibiotics. The bill, when we went to get him at 3:00, was a couple of hundred dollars less than the estimate.

Fritzy was miserable all day and hid under the covers for most of the morning and afternoon. He looked very relieved when Gus bounded from the vet's office into the car.

Tonight Gus has drunk his fill, finally, and had a small, soft dinner. We also managed to pill him with little difficulty and no moaning. Now he's sleeping on his pillow in the computer room completely worn out.

We are glad he is home, safe and sound. Once again we have a lot to be thankful for -- both physically and financially.

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snugpug said...

We're so glad that Gussie is home and on the mend. Poor little guy. Here's to plenty of soft *T*R*E*A*T*S and maybe even ice cream.

Fritzy: It's that way with little brothers isn't it? They're a nuisance when they're around but you sure miss them when they're not.