Wednesday, August 30, 2006

16 years is a damn long time!

First week of school for me.

Oh! My aching feet, voice, eyes, back.

Clearly I am not in shape for the rigors of the classroom.

Neither was the school actually ready for me -- no working computer, no log-in id's, no keys to any room, my room actually assigned to another person and in use, no desk, no supplies, no keys to the filing cabinets maintaining all the records I must keep, nobody to explain the excentricities of the new school system.

Still . . . my first day was spent just getting acclimated and not having to deal. My second day just as the bell rang to dismiss the students, a 10th grader grabbed in a huge bear-hug and thanked me for helping her. Normal 16 year olds do NOT hug. Today the computer ID showed up with the computer tech guy who also made sure parts of the computer work (no printing yet). The vice-principal finally broke down and got the locksmith to make a key for the filing system -- and he gave me the covetted elevator key so I don't have to climb to the 3rd floor carrying loads of books and papers.

Also I started graduate school this week.

Bear with me; I'll be back. The news won't be all good -- but I think it's going to be doable.

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M said...

maybe the kids have gotten more touchy feely in the last 16 years?

i mean, these kids grew up in the Age of Oprah.

my sister who is 20 years younger than me learned meditation and breathing and yoga techniques for calming down in the 3rd grade and she was at a conservative Catholic school.

hm...maybe there is hope for the future if the kids are getting huggier!