Monday, May 29, 2006

Still Kicking

Memorial Day 2006 -- Our weekend has been exceedingly quiet. Hubby continues to recover from his big medical adventure which began the day after Easter. He’s gaining strength slowly, much slower than he would like, but we assume that’s to be expected after a 10 day hospitalization and brain surgery followed by five days in the ICU.

In past years I’ve visited the family cemeteries to lay wreaths on the graves. Hubby’s family is mostly buried on the East Coast; certainly none are within traveling distance over a three day weekend. My maternal grandmother, grandfather, great aunt, and father are all buried together in the family plot just a couple of miles from my door. My maternal great grandmother and great grandfather are buried together in a different cemetery but still close to home. My paternal grandparents are together in small university town less than an hour’s drive from here. The dogs we’ve lost have been cremated and their ashes sit on my computer desk.

Somehow spending the day in cemeteries just seemed a bit too close to home this year. What with hubby’s illness and my crossing the age line into decrepitude, it just didn’t seem like a good idea to visit with the dead. We need no siren calls right now.

Anyway it rained. Cemeteries during thunder storms can be real downers.

So we stayed home for most of the weekend, other than grocery shopping and going to church on Sunday morning. Hubby whipped up some strawberry shortcake yesterday which sure hit the spot. We are trying out low salt recipes made in our crockpots. Yes, we have more than one. I’ve always collected recipes; I’ve just never really cooked. The week leading up to Memorial Day found us eating out twice, both times exceeding Hubby’s salt limit, so I figured I’d better lay in some homemade frozen dinners that are healthy to eat and better for his blood pressure that is steadfastly resisting the cocktail of medications being taken.

It’s just not time for us to visit cemeteries, either briefly or long term.


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